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Neuralink Presentation - Elon Misk's live demo with Pigs.

At a you tube video Elon Musk is presenting
his latest achievement: Neuralink - an interface between a computer and a brain:

another report also here:

My five pence:

All this Transhumanism (German link) and Posthumanism, what a gigantic bullshit!

For all German speaking (or reading) people I urgently recommend the following new book from Richard D. PRECHT:

Künstliche Intelligenz und der Sinn des Lebens

(link to the publisher) ( English: Artificial Intelligence and the Meaning of Life)

I am quite sure this will be also published in English in the next months!
Not everybody likes D. Precht but this is an excellent book dismantling all this omnipotence fantasies of this group of the worlds greatest capitalists which are thinking all this money what the stock market is lending them (they haven't earned it) make the them also omnipotent.

In a certain way I can understand, why people are demonstrating against all this, Bezzo's, Musk's, Gate's, Page's, etc. They are demonstrating for the wrong reasons, but they are pointing to the right people.

If this companies / guys would really want to bring the mankind on better level, they should:
- pay their employees fair,
- pay taxes where they earn their money,
- not cooperate with all the ' security agencies' of the world
- care about the environment
- not abuse their monopoly.

Electrodes in a pigs brain, how pitiful.




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